Mahuaa TV Advertising

    USPs :
  • Wide Coverage
  • Low Ad Rates
  • Regional Flavours
  • High Brand Recall

Mahuaa TV started functioning on 9th August 2008 and is owned by Mahuaa Media Pvt Ltd. It is the only Bhojpuri General Entertainment Television channel in the world. Mahuaa TV features popular programmes which attract audiences from all age groups. So advertising in Mahuaa TV can help you to reach out to the entire Bhojpuri community at one go!

Standard TV Ads: Advertise during commercial breaks!

10 Sec
15 Sec
20 Sec
5 Spots
10 Spots
15 Spots
7 Days
14 Days
21 Days

Total Ad secs : 875 Secs
( 25 secs ad x 5 spots/day x 7 days )
Card Rate : Rs. 323 per 10 secs text-img
The Ad cost as per card rate is Rs.28,263 It can be reduced upto 80% by following our negotiation process.

Booking Essentials: Here's all you need to know


Ensure to submit your recordings in only mpeg or mp4 file format.


By booking an Ad with us we can connect you with best in class creative developers.


Make sure you book your ad at least two weeks prior to the broadcast date.


You can easily pay via our online/offline payment modes.Once you clear the payment your Ad would be processed to go LIVE.


We share with you your Ad Spot Timings Report.Track your campaign LIVE.


Receive Campaign Execution report once the campaign ends.

Mahuaa TV offers a mix of programmes from different genres such as entertainment, music, travel, religion, feature films, documentaries etc. So it’s every  program has a different set of viewers whom you can reach out by selecting the best ad spots. Thus Mahuaa TV allows you to segregate your target audience to make your campaign more compelling.

Advertise on Mahuaa TV with releaseMyAd because:

  •   You get to book your ad campaign just in few minutes in your preferred channel
  •   Get lowest rates for your ad campaign only with us
  •   Get expert advice on choosing best ad spots for maximum exposure
  •   Pay us through our various online/offline modes

With releaseMyAd, you can start your campaign on Mahuaa TV at cheapest rates. We are the leading advertising agency in India, so  with us, you can be sure to get best advertising services. We assure  you to get maximum profit from your ad campaign. So book your campaign with us today and see your brand in the popular channels now!

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