Chardikla TV Advertising

    USPs :
  • One-stop Punjabi channel
  • Popular with NRIs
  • Huge fan base in N. India
  • Multi-genre shows

Chardikla Time TV is better known as Chardikla TV. It is a Punjabi language channel which runs news, entertainment and devotional programs. The channel is extremely popular in Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand etc. The Chardikla TV channel is owned by the Chardikla Group and is committed to mirror the real issues of the Indian Society. The channel is available globally and is extremely favoured by the NRI populations in Canada, USA and UK. With releaseMyAd now you can book ads in Chardikla Time TV 24x7 at affordable rates.

Standard TV Ads: Advertise during commercial breaks!

10 Sec
15 Sec
20 Sec
5 Spots
10 Spots
15 Spots
7 Days
14 Days
21 Days

Total Ad secs : 875 Secs
( 25 secs ad x 5 spots/day x 7 days )
Card Rate : Rs. 154 per 10 secs text-img
The Ad cost as per card rate is Rs.13,475 It can be reduced upto 80% by following our negotiation process.

Booking Essentials: Here's all you need to know


Ensure to submit your recordings in only mpeg or mp4 file format.


By booking an Ad with us we can connect you with best in class creative developers.


Make sure you book your ad at least two weeks prior to the broadcast date.


You can easily pay via our online/offline payment modes.Once you clear the payment your Ad would be processed to go LIVE.


We share with you your Ad Spot Timings Report.Track your campaign LIVE.


Receive Campaign Execution report once the campaign ends.

Chardikla TV is one of the most popular Punjabi TV channels. Its Gurbani presentations and other Katha shows have helped Chardikla to create a name for it. News, talk-shows, road-shows, interview based programs, serials, documentaries all try to present the real picture of the society. Chardikla Time TV is a household name in northern and north-western India with global footprints.

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Just let us know which programs you want to advertise in and we assure to disclose if you will reach your targets through that route. Let our experts design ad campaigns for Chardikla TV on your behalf for maximum ROI. You can rest assured that we are always ready to change the course of your ad campaign to serve you the best results. As an advertiser you can create your own media plans, design and change your ad campaigns on our online portal to suit your tastes.

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